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A Randomly Beautiful January Day

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Today was a perfect combination of events. The temps were in the 50’s, the sun was out (we’ve had a mere 15% sunshine this month) and my guy wasn’t working. It was perfect for a quick trip to the county park for a walk with our crew of rescue pups. Our newest addition, Sugar, was a foster fail who ended up wiggling her way into the family after we fostered her and her two puppies. It happens. She was found wandering the streets, pregnant, fleas & ticks, a skin condition and TERRIFIED. The anxiety is still in high gear after four weeks in my studio with her pups and another six weeks in the house with her new siblings.

Car rides have been the worst, howling, whining, clawing to get out…I am certain her previous rides didn’t land her anywhere she wanted to be (a shelter, her first foster home, a switch to foster with us, off to be spayed, visits to the vet). We wanted to start giving her some positive trips so a quick trip to the local park was perfect.

There was the obligatory whining, shaking and general nervous terror, even with her new siblings being happy and excited. When we arrived at the park you could tell that it was a happy surprise for her. Sniffing, wading in the cold creek water, even more sniffing as we all took a leisurely stroll around the paved loop that was surrounded by dormant plants and trees.

The ride home was much calmer…not exact whine-free but much improved. As you can see at the top of the page, she’s now settled in for a well deserved nap after her first successful outing. Progress!

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