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One of my interests that increased greatly last year was that of medicinal herbs, whether grown in the garden or foraged in the fields & woods. I've begun a small home apothecary that will very intentionally be expanded this upcoming year. Although I am embracing these new ways of maintaining health I also rely on regular traditional medicine and treatments as well. Perhaps I'll be able to eliminate some of that in the future but I am being slow, cautious and purposeful in my efforts. I have studied and gathered wild mushrooms for many years so this seems to be a natural branching out of that discipline.

Not only am I gathering for medicinal needs but also to learn what can be harvested in the wild and added to our meals. Purslane and wild plantain have been easy to gather and use in meals but there are many more to the more I read about edible flowers, the more I get excited about those too!

One thing I knew I wanted to try was to make Elderberry syrup, and it's been the most used of all the foraged concoctions. Wonder for winter coughs, colds and allergies!

Toward the end of the summer I made some flavored vinegars for cooking and salad dressings, the Thai Basil flower smells wonderful and gives a spicy kick to dishes. The nasturtium vinegar is a bit more subtle but SO beautiful!

I am using this lemon balm tincture each day, it's known to help with anxiety, clear thinking, PMS, blood sugar levels, digestion, Alzheimers & dementia and is also antibacterial & anti-fungal. It can also be used in skin care, although I haven't used it in that capacity yet. I have created so balms for dry and/or itchy skin that are pretty effective.

If you didn't know already, I love to learn and explore! Boredom is never a word in my vocabulary. Until next time, be well!

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