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Random creations with Violets, Part I

This year it seems like the property has exploded with violets! There's never been a shortage, but never in this abundance. Of course I had to research things to be made with them, edible, medicinal and personal care items abound.

I knew my first project was going to be attempting candied violets. It was a bit tricky, and I would try a different approach next time but it was successful enough. The basics are that you put egg wash on the flowers and then sprinkle them with extra fine sugar. The egg wash made them a bit floppy and they tended to fold over, next time I would lay them out and use a small paint brush with the egg wash. Here are some images of the progress:

I specifically wanted to use these on cookies for Easter, along with a batch of dandelion cookies and some lavender cookies...I had a theme going! I pulled out my ancient cookie press, circa 1977, and it still worked like a charm. ;) As soon as the cookies came out of the oven I gently pressed the violets on the top and the heat from the cookies melted the sugar enough for them to attach. Well, most of them, anyhow!

A few weeks later I did even more violet projects....but that is for the next post!


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