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Random Jewelry, returned home

While changing my focus on life I made the hard decision to pull away from some organizations and galleries that have been a part of my life for several years. It's never an easy thing to do but it was time for a change. As a result the inventory of items that I had "out in the world" has mostly returned home. Why does that matter?'s a chance for you to get some very unique items for a great price. Thus far they are the only items I've had time to add in the "SHOP" category of the website and I've listed them at a discount, with free shipping.

This first set of jewelry items are all focused on nature (surprise!). When the 17 year locust swarms emerged in 2021 they were here in abundance. What I quickly discovered was that the predatory birds enjoyed eating the locusts but NOT their wings. We had wings everywhere!! I started collecting them and letting them dry and that's when creativity hit and I decided they needed to be added to jewelry pieces.

Last year I began collecting a variety of wildflowers and greenery and drying them in a press. Again, the collecting seems to come first but eventually I wanted to incorporate those into jewelry as well. These pieces were made on wood cutouts of different shapes, some painted and some left the natural wood color. Once the dried flowers were attached they were coated in a layer of protective resin to seal them and give them a glossy shine. Since I just started drying my own flowers there are also some purchased dried flowers added in the mix. I want to try doing some dying of the flowers before drying this year to see if I can get the brilliant colors of the purchased pieces!

The last pieces were made using skins that the snakes on our property had left behind when they shed them. Similar in style to the cicada wing jewelry these have painted or decorative paper for backgrounds with pieces of skin on top.

I have several months to get the site completed but it feels nice to at least have something listed in the SHOP category! Check back soon and see if there is anything new.


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