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Random silence...and some salt!

Okay, yes, it's been a while. I had somehow thought that I'd be better at keep up with this but - honestly - I have no idea why I thought that! LOL! It's my weakness. And life gets busy, and I get distracted. So, I guess just expect this blog to be as random as my creativity!

In my defense, there really have been a lot of things going on. I thought it might be easiest to just show you all my distractions in a gallery!

(Pop up info when you hover over the images)

The salts have been a fun addition to my creativity...I can see making many different custom blends. Here is a peek at the process:

As you can see from the top image I've made additional batches using different ingredients too. Fun stuff AND tasty, can't beat that combination!

I do hope you are enjoying the summer months and have had time to do some creative things as well. Until next time, cheers!


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