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Randomly Playing with Dandelions

I adore dandelions. You can talk about weeds and lawns all you want, these guys are amazing! One of the first food for local bees, edible, medicinal, what versatility! Plus when you look at them closeup, also add - beautiful. They have begun to pop up all around the house and I knew when they did I had a few things I wanted to try with them. First off....dandelion jelly. I ran across the recipe on FB a while back and decided that I wanted to try it!

The flavor is mild, I read that it almost tastes like honey and I can see that as a good comparison. It was a fairly easy process, although getting just the yellow flower petals without any green took a bit of time. Will I do it again? Who knows! I do know that my next dandelion experiment will be a batch of dandelion cookies, I'm thinking perhaps for Easter. My next exploration will involve violets, stay tuned for details!

Happy creativity to you,


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