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Some Random Digital Artwork

I am currently working on digital designs for t-shirts for several programs at our local animal shelter. Make me think I hadn't shared any digital artwork on's been on my mind but I've also be working on taxes, getting more images ready for this site and I'm in the middle of spring break season (multiple visiting grandkids!). I thought I'd pop on here quickly this afternoon and post of few of my recent digital creations. The one above is a version of a recent dog portrait, done in a different style than the original. Then I had to play with this owl image that I found, too cute!

Lastly I created this mushroom artwork, inspired by my explorations and discoveries in the woods. I really enjoy creating digitally and it's an easy way for me to be creative in the house without art supplies. BUT...I am itching to get my fingers dirty again, I've been away from the studio too long!

What are you looking forward to creating??

Your randomly creative friend,


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