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Updates on 1/13/24 -

I've added many more pieces of art & jewelry!  The old "SHOP" page has been changed into three different pages, each with their own category of artistic items available to purchase. Custom portraits have their own page now, as well. Lastly, I have also added an automatic 10% discount to any purchase of two or more items and, a page dedicated to Valentine's Day! Happy shopping!

Breaking the “rules” and enjoying creativity in many forms has been frowned upon by many art experts, artists are often advised to chose a media and style and stick with it so our “brand” is easy to recognize and market. I have struggled with this advice my entire career and several years ago let go of those outside expectations for my creative life to freely embrace the title of “randomly creative artist”. So be prepared for a variety of subjects to be featured here! Photography was and continues to be a passion but has morphed from being a full time portrait photographer to documenting the slice of earth that I inhabit on any given day. My artistic creations may include painting on canvas, making art with resin, designing paper with printmaking techniques, creating digital art, then I may dip my toes into jewelry making only to follow that with creating tinctures and salves with wild plants that I’ve gathered. As I continue to explore this world and all the creative experiences in it I will be sharing those explorations here. I truly enjoy sharing what I have learned as I journey through life, there are a variety of classes available if you’d like to explore your creative side too!

Love & Blessings,


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About Me

Hey there! I'm Lynne... 

My life has revolved around creativity and artmaking since I was young. My father worked as a printer; I was fortunate to have an unlimited supply of paper. As a child I spent hours curled up in a chair, paper and pencil in hand, filling pages with circles, dots, and designs. I still treasure the memory of being given my own art desk at age five, but perhaps the greatest gift was the freedom to explore imagination and creativity outdoors! I spent most of my days finding adventure, no matter the weather. Collecting weeds to “cook” with in pots & pans, painting the rocks in the driveway, building forts in the snow, jumping in puddles each spring, and swimming in the lake each summer are all fond memories.
My creativity and love of nature were rekindled over 20 years ago by enrolling in photography classes. Taking pictures is just ingrained into my DNA at this point! That spark led me to explore even more creative avenues and that developed into my current artistic pursuits. My curiosity, love of learning and the echoing question “what if?” propels me forward, learning more and integrating pieces of what I learn into what I create. It has led me to sales, commissions, and exhibitions of my art.  
I live in rural Morgan County, Indiana surrounded by fields, woods, and an occasionally babbling stream. Each day includes time outside walking with my crew of 3 rescue dogs, I delight in photographing the details in nature that are found on these outings. My studio is located on our property so my commute to work rarely has any traffic delays, and every day is "take your pet to work day"! My dogs enjoy spending time in the studio as I create and they even tolerate my eclectic music selections and the fact that I can’t keep myself from singing along. 
I am a mom to four and grandmother to seven (and honorary grandmother to seven others!) making memories with my expanded family is an ongoing adventure in my life. I love to travel and explore new places but also relish having days on end where I don’t leave my property. Spring, summer and fall much of my time is spent working, expanding and enjoy my gardens. Recent additions are herbal/medicinal gardens, a new interest that continues to grow. I have a great love of animals and you might find foster pups in my studio when you visit. Volunteering at the local shelter and occasionally at the local food pantry help round out my life and remind me of all I have been blessed with.


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