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Lots of random resin work...

So the last several months of 2023 I spent time creating new resin pieces using some molds that I'd had for a while, in addition to some new molds as well. I enjoy working with resin and seeing what the finished pieces look like when de-molded, especially on the deeper pieces that you can't see exactly what is happening inside.

Today I am sharing a few of the containers/bowls/candleholders that I created!

The lotus tea light holder (above) has been one of my favorite designs to use, I've created it in multiple colors and designs. I can't seem to make myself use any colors except shades of blues when I make this "splash" bowl (below), it's hard to imagine it in other colors!

I've got many other creations to share, this is just the start! Until then, be blessed!

Your randomly creative friend,


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