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Random Jewelry Finds...

This time of year I always end up cleaning, organizing and purging in the studio. This year I found finished and almost finished pieces of jewelry tucked away all over the studio! Of course I found a lot of other things that weren't as exciting, which is what I expected. I'm a certified clutter-bug, but usually can tell you where everything is located amongst the chaos. These pieces slipped through the cracks:

They were all wood cutouts that I used resin and inks on to add color. I at least KNOW why these were tucked away. Pure laziness, LOL! They needed sanding and detailing from the resin and evidently it was easier at the time to tuck them in a drawer than to get them ready. That's one of the perks of January...lots of time to do random little chores I put off the rest of the year. As I sorted through all my jewelry supplies I also found a small pair of earrings that hadn't been assembled. No idea why, but they are assembled now! Shown below, with a pair of pendants that I created and never photographed and listed. The pendants were made with scrap/overflow resin from other projects.

These last three pieces I uncovered were created using acrylic "skins" (dried paint from my pallet). I love to repurpose things that might otherwise be thrown away! The paint skins are covered with a clear glass cabochon for protection and a bit of bling.

Of course after I got these finished and all the supplies organized I had to create new pieces as well. But that's for another post!

Until then,


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