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Random Inspiration

Updated: Jan 12

I am certain I've shared the digital pet portraits that I create, but, just in case you haven't seen them, here are a few samples of recent ones:

The first part of the creative process is to draw the outline of each pet. I posted an "in progress" image online of one of the outlines and a friend said, "You should make a coloring book!" Since I've published coloring books in the past it sounded like a great idea! I took the idea a step further and decided to use images of shelter pets as my inspiration, and, once they are available, I will donate a portion of the sales to my local shelter! Since I take photos for my local shelter I have a great group of pictures to use including; dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

It will be on ongoing project, I usually grab my iPad and draw in the evenings if we are just sitting in front of the television. Once the drawings are finished I'm going to explore options for self-publish the books. My original books were drawn at the request of a publishing company but there are lots of requirements and delays in getting things done that way so I'm striking out on my own.

I will try to give updates while I am in the midst creative process. For now, I wanted to share a sneak-peek of what I'm doing! Feel free to download or copy this image and color it as you are inspired. I'd love to see your artwork when it's finished!

Enjoy! From your randomly creative friend,


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